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It always amazes me when we come across something new that takes your breath away. That’s for me is art. So this video will hopefully have the same effect on you so enjoy.🙂

Advent time coming early

Radio show inspired me to write a text on Christmas way. The question was is it to early for city decoration. It started in November, earlier than year before so host show wondered is this festive decoration coming sooner and sooner each year. Comments  could be grouped in two major categories: the ones who think it is to early and that consumerism is stronger and stronger and the other one inclined towards good spirit that comes with this Christmas time and that if that means that people will be better for longer lets celebrate Christmas all year around. So I decided to write about our customers here during this time.

So lets start with this advent period meaning “season before Christmas” (old English), ), from Latin adventus “a coming, approach, arrival,” in Church Latin “the coming of the Savior,” from past participle stem of advenire “arrive, come to,” from ad – “to” + venire “to come”. So something is moving towards Christmas to arrive there. Question is: what is moving and where and way is trying to get?

Zrinjevac božić2

History of Advent,  according to wiki encyclopedia begins in the 5th century, when the Bishop of Tours Perpetuo started preparing for Christmas, starting from the feast of St. Martin, on 11th  of November. That time was marked as penitent, with a three-day post every week from November 11 until Christmas. Later it was cut to only four weeks.

Here we start to celebrate differently than we use to. You can sence the breath of capitalism and shopping mania even though recession took it tool. Traffic gets messy and good luck to you with parking space. Older generations nurture old tradition of early mass dedicated to Virgin Mary. Mixture of two generation, two tradition has created something new that could be described as modern tradition.

Lana bor

We somehow managed to keep our old ways with hay and cakes nad family spirit together with noisy fair running around in centre of Zagreb. You can feel Austrian tradition with sausages barbecuing on every corner. Warm wine, beer tents and loads of souvenirs for the same thing every year. Although we must admit new creative generations started to bring some interesting, new souvenirs that carry with in our old ways.

Croatian advent songs

It is nice. Decoration sparkle and people somehow slow down a notch. Like a bear winter cools us down, puts us next to a warm cosy cottage and fire close to our family, holding a warm drink looking back on a year that is just about to be gone forever. You retrospect and make some new promises on how your life will be better next year.

Bringing the worlds together :)

Sometimes you can feel two different worlds living here in Croatia. There is that old way of thinking and that new way of thinking that is coming through. Lot’s of younger generations went abroad to study and came back with a new knowledge. This is story about that generation that is doing it’s best to make peace here in this are.

And you can see them every where. They understand what happened here but they want to move on further into better life for all of us. This project is just voice of those people who believe things can be better for the community.

Those people are getting together with new innovative projects that are just about to come through. Now is still bits and pieces here and there but it is getting more and more people interested and they see a way out of this big mess we people got ourselves into.

Some bad judgments have been made cos people didn’t know better but time brings peace one way or the other. It is time to be friends. To look after one another. To celebrate what we share in common. Differences are opportunities to learn something new and grow into better human being. Each and every day we all have a chance to go and do that again and again until we reach peace.

When we start and appreciate the beauty that is created all around us by nature and generations that were here before us. If we can see their struggle to make this world a better place. It was hard for them. They had less knowledge than we have today and the did the best they could.

Now we have knowledge right beneath our finger tips and instead of wasting time on trivial things we can expand our horizons and see the bigger picture. We want to se the world same as you do. We want to travel and enjoy the world. We want to learn about our differences. We also want you to visit us and see for your self our great place.

It is that simple. Technology helps us do our job from where ever. It helps us understand this world better, create more advanced ways of takeing care of this planet and one another. It is cliché but it is true.  Soooo… we here to give you this side of the story through what we have to offer and if you find it interesting you will visit us and see what this place offers.

Here is some of it🙂

Croatian music – Josipa Lisac

Josipa Lisac is one of most popular Croatian female singer in Croatia. She was born in 1950. and sings since she was ten years old. Her love and friendship with Karlo Metikoš, also known as Matt Collins, made a huge impact on her artistic career. Her voice is unique and her appearance original and fresh every time for decades now. She sings about love and words to her songs are deep and sincere.

Hope you will enjoy!



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